Elizabeth Taylor

Americans Pretending To Be British Part 11: Lindsay Lohan


The producers of the 1998 Disney remake of The Parent Trap must have been terrified when they first started casting for a child actress who could pull off a decent English accent, especially knowing she would have to play against …

The Brit List: Five Good Friday Good Samaritans

As it’s Good Friday, and there’s never a bad time to lift our heads out of the showbiz world and look around the wider world a bit, here are five British stars of Hollywood who have tried to put their fame and influence to …

Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz Follow Tradition of Reel-to-Real Romance

Whether Dream House is fabulous or a total turkey – and the fact that the studio didn’t screen it for critics would point toward the latter – for newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, it will always be the movie that …

News Roundup: James McAvoy To Play Elton John?

Film biopics of musicians often follow a very similar pattern. There’s the childhood trauma, the discovery of talent, the struggling to get noticed, the fame, the drugs, the trouble that comes with success/fame/drugs, and the …

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (March 23): Elizabeth Taylor

Several topics related to the actress Elizabeth Taylor were trending today in the UK, as they were in the U.S.

WATCH: The Best of Elizabeth Taylor: In Clips

As the tributes come pouring in to one of the last Grande Dames of Hollywood, it seems a perfect time to take a look over some of the highlights of what is, by anyone’s reckoning, an astonishing career. From child-stardom, through …

Dame Elizabeth Taylor Has Died at Age 79

Sad news this morning: Dame Elizabeth Taylor, one of the biggest stars who ever stood before a camera, has died at age 79. She had been recently treated for congestive heart failure after years of illness, BBC News reports.

Liz Taylor Makes Hugh Grant An Even Wealthier Man

It wasn’t $35 million, but Hugh Grant still made a bundle on that Andy Warhol painting of Liz Taylor. It sold for $23.7 million at auction, giving him a $20.

Elizabeth Taylor: Alive And Making Hot Love at 75

Not only is Dame Elizabeth Taylor still alive, she has a new love: businessman Jason Winters.The Daily Mail wonders if he will be hubby No. 9.