Duffy Returns to Her Welsh Roots in Movie Debut

Having dazzled us the last few years with her stylish neo-soul, as heard on her 2008 chart-topping debut, Rockferry and her latest, Endlessly, Duffy can now add acting to her résumé, The 26-year-old Welsh singer makes her film debut …

POLL: The Most Annoying British Songs of 2010

A few months ago, we listed some of the worst British songs of all-time, but 2010 has offered up some worthy contenders to that dubious crown. Today, we present what we think are this year’s best examples of Anglo aural awfulness, …

Coldplay Goose-Eggs at the BRITS

Damn this crappy economy. I so wanted to travel to the UK to cover this year’s BRIT Awards – and hopefully, recover some of my lost dignity from last year – but budgets are tight, man!