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‘Sherlock’ to Premiere Jan. 19 on PBS, Air Back-to-Back with ‘Downton’

The cat’s now out of the bag, Sherlockians: the folks over at Entertainment Weekly have revealed that Sherlock‘s highly anticipated third season will return Sunday, January 19 at 10 pm ET on PBS Masterpiece. This ends months ...

‘Downton Abbey’ Exec Julian Fellowes Teases Season 4: ‘It’s About Lady Mary’s Rebuilding’

The Emmy love for Downton Abbey just keeps on going: the popular PBS Masterpiece costume drama received 14 nominations for its highly eventful third season. Julian Fellowes was characteristically reserved about his show’s success ...

Hugh Bonneville: Americans ‘A Bit Dotty’ About ‘Downton’

“I’m a bit embarrassed about it, in a very British way,” Hugh Bonneville said of his Best Actor in a Drama series Emmy nomination while speaking to the BBC’s Alastair Leithhead at the BAFTA Los Angeles TV Tea ...

Brit Binge Watching: Five Dame Maggie Smith Films Available to View Online

Dame Maggie Smith is currently nominated for her third straight Emmy for her role as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey (available on Hulu.com).

WATCH: Lady Mary Grieves In New ‘Downton Abbey’ Teaser

Season Four of Downton Abbey is about to start in the U.K. and a new clip has been put online, once again demonstrating the full extent of Lady Mary’s grief, after the shocking death of her husband Matthew.

WATCH: First Trailer For ‘Downton Abbey’ Season Four

“You have a straightforward choice,” says Dame Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess in the kindest and least characteristic tone she has ever used, “you must choose either death…” and there is a ...

10 British Exports That Are More Popular In The U.S.

If a British cultural export manages to succeed in America, it’s a fairly safe bet that it already has some degree of popularity in its home land. Sometimes, however, exports from the U.K.

Snapshot: 21 Photos of 1920s London

While life in the period drama Downton Abbey seems picturesque for the most part, London during the 1920s was less than idyllic. The 1921 coal miner’s strike sent the city into a state of emergency; the 1926 labor General Strike ...

WATCH: ‘Downton Abbey’ Casts Two New Actors with No Acting Experience

One-year-old twin boys Logan and Cole Weston have joined the cast of Downton Abbey, reports BBC News. The boys have wrapped six months of shooting, portraying Lady Mary Crawley’s (Michelle Dockery) baby son George, now grown a ...

Sing Along with ‘Downton Abbey’

Get ready to warble.

It turns out that the familiar Downton Abbey theme music has lyrics to go along with it.