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For Your Consideration: ‘The Hour’s Dominic West, Golden Globe Nominee

The Golden Globes are handed out this Sunday (January 15), and there’s not only tough competition for the Golden Globe’s best actor in a TV movie/miniseries category, but the contest is especially Brit-heavy. Out of five ...

WATCH: Rowan Atkinson’s ‘Johnny English Reborn’ Trailer

It’s been eight years since Rowan Atkinson first strutted across our screens as the hapless secret agent Johnny English, and in that time, a lot has changed. James Bond has become cooler and more real, Austin Powers is but a dim ...

News Roundup: Lady Gaga to Portray Amy Winehouse in New Biopic?

Let’s begin with a story which, while it may contain a kernel of truth, is coated in so much nonsense you’d be hard pushed to find it.

America vs. Britain in the ’50s: Yanks Had Marilyn Monroe, Brits Had Diana Dors

If you’re planning to settle down on August 17th to watch the new Dominic West drama The Hour, right here on BBC America, you may be wondering what life can have been like for the poor beleaguered British back in the 1950s.  You ...

WATCH: How BBC America’s ‘The Hour’ Recreated 1950s Britain

As Mad Men and films like Good Night, and Good Luck showed us, the “neat and tidy” 1950s had striking parallels to the present day.

‘Luther’ Star Idris Elba to Host BBC America’s Weekly ‘Dramaville’ Hour

Idris Elba, Golden Globe-nominated star of BBC America’s Luther, will host BBC America’s new weekly dramatic programming slot, the channel announced today (May 25). Dramaville is set to launch Wednesday, August 17 at 10 pm ...

Dominic West: ‘Fake Cigarettes Made Me Ill’

Contrary to what you may previously have thought, there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests acting might not be terrifically good for your health. OK, there are more hazardous professions, but it’s not all winnebagos ...

BBC America Announces New 1950s Spy Drama, ‘The Hour’

Dominic West (The Wire, The Devil’s Whore), Romola Garai (Emma, Atonement), and Ben Whishaw (Bright Star, Criminal Justice, Brideshead Revisited) are set to star in BAFTA-winning writer Abi Morgan‘s six-part espionage ...

Dominic West Joins Stylish New BBC2 Drama ‘The Hour’

Wire star Dominic West has been cast in BBC2's upcoming drama capturing a buzzing 1950s newsroom, the BBC reports.

Dominic West: Only British Actors Should Play British Roles

Actor Dominic West is mad that non-British actors are coming to the UK and snatching up iconic British roles: