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‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Eleventh Hour

So, there’s really only one story this week. The sad news that Matt Smith will be hanging up his fez, loosening his bow tie and putting his screwdriver back in his sonic toolbox after the 50th anniversary and this year’s ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Jemma Redgrave Previews 50th Anniversary Special

• Jemma Redgrave appeared as The Brigadier’s daughter Kate Stewart in the Season 7 episode “The Power of Three,” and she’s already filmed her part in the series’ 50th anniversary special in November. She ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, and Jenna Coleman Accept Peabody Award

Steven Moffat, Jenna Coleman, and a freshly shorn Matt Smith were in New York last night (May 20) to accept one of the highest honors in media, the Peabody award. Doctor Who picked up a special Institutional Peabody award for its ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Countdown to the Season Finale…

In this past Saturday’s episode penned by Neil Gaiman, the Cybermen returned and were blown to bits, their technology seemingly obliterated while at the same time — and rather thrillingly — not quite atomized. Also, Clara got a ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Here Comes a ‘Nightmare In Silver’

It’s been a long wait, but now the second Neil Gaiman-written Doctor Who story will soon be upon us. “Nightmare In Silver” is on BBC AMERICA this Saturday at 8/7c, but before we can dig out the polish and rags, ready ...

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Are You Red-y For ‘The Crimson Horror’?

So THAT’S what the middle of the TARDIS is like! There’s a stately home in there! And a library, and some corridors, and a quarry… oh and an exploding star. Talk about all mod cons!

Journey to the Centre of the ‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup

Hello! Welcome back! The first order of business, as always, is the behind the scenes video from the most recent adventure, which in this case is the very ghostly Hide:

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Get Ready To ‘Hide’!

Before we get into next week’s horrifying journey into the unknown (and it really is), there’s a little unfinished business with that Ice Warrior still to deal with.

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Get Ready for a ‘Cold War’

Here is a whistlestop tour of just some of the many things that are going on in space and time this week:

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Aftermath of ‘The Bells of Saint John’

Hands up who’s been a little more careful about their wi-fi connections recently? Everyone? Good.