Doctor Who

Happy 800th Birthday, Magna Carta!

Today marks 800 years since the English King John, surrounded by angry barons, was forced to put his seal to a document called “the Charter of Runnymede,” named after the place it was signed, near Windsor. It was a treaty …

10 Areas in Which Britain Outranks America

Everyone is good at something, whether it’s playing the tuba or standing on one leg. And it’s the same with countries. Iceland, for example, are not so great at coconuts but marvelous with puffins.

‘Doctor Who': 10 Great Doctor/Companion Moments

It’s Best Friends Day today (June 8), and what better friends are there than the Doctor and his assorted companions? The dynamic between the members of Doctor Who‘s TARDIS crew can vary hugely, from romantic tension to …

‘Doctor Who’: Peter Capaldi to Make San Diego Comic-Con Debut

Start assembling your Twelfth Doctor cosplay: the TARDIS will soon land at San Diego Comic-Con.

BBC AMERICA has announced that Doctor Who is returning to the convention’s massive Hall H for a panel on Thursday, July 9, with star Peter Capaldi making his SDCC debut. Jenna Coleman (Clara), Michelle Gomez (Missy), lead writer …