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Matt Smith & Steven Moffat Lend A Hand To The ‘Doctor Who’ Experience

Fear not, gentle Whovian, Matt Smith has not been wrestling with a new and more liquidy form of Weeping Angel (or even mucking out their chemical latrine), he and Steven Moffat have had their hands cast in cement as part of the latest …

‘Doctor Who’ Press Roundup: Countdown to Season Premiere

Hasn’t it seemed like we’ve been waiting years for the new season of Doctor Who? It’s as if we’re all little Amy Ponds, eyes skyward, looking impatiently for signs of the TARDIS.

WATCH: Fans Express Their ‘Doctor Who’ Love at NYC Screening

Throngs of people coiled around a New York city block, all with one goal in mind — seats inside the Village East Cinema to view the U.S. premiere of Doctor Who‘s latest season opener on Monday night (April 11).

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Cast Serenaded With TARDIS-Themed ‘Friday’ Parody

Rebecca Black‘s infamous viral hit, “Friday,” has inspired a number of, erm…homages, shall we say? From Ice Cube mashups to Stephen Colbert‘s extravaganza on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, this …

PHOTOS: ‘Doctor Who’ Takes Manhattan

The Doctor Who cast and crew — and, seemingly, half of New York City — turned out last night for the U.S. premiere screening of the BBC America series’ sixth season opener.

Party in the NYC: ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Turn Out for U.S. Premiere Screening

I guess when I said to arrive early, people took it to heart. Quite literally since last night, fans have been lining up outside the Village East Cinema in New York for this evening’s premiere screening of Doctor Who‘s …

‘Doctor Who’ Cast Coming to U.S. Ahead of Season Premiere

Brace yourselves, stateside Whovians: BBC America has just announced that cast and crew from Doctor Who will arrive in New York this week to promote the upcoming season premiering April 23. Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and Arthur Darvill …