Doctor Who at Comic-Con

WATCH: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Gab It Up at ‘Nerdist’ Podcast, Hand Out Burritos

The photos from the event — featuring a fearsome hand puppet called the Moffat Muppet — were hilarious enough, but now we’ve got video of the Comic-Con Nerdist podcast featuring Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan and Matt Smith. …

WATCH: Exclusive Sneak Peek at BBC America’s Original ‘Doctor Who’ Specials

Which Doctor Who monster would make the best roommate? What’s the most fashionable Timelord headgear, fez or Stetson? And, of course, the age-old question, pool in the TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator watch?

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Wants Old Doctors to Return for 50th Anniversary

Current Time Lord Matt Smith recently told The Sun that the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who in 2013 should really be a proper reunion featuring the likes of his predecessor David Tennant, as well as Tom Baker, Paul McGann and Christopher …

WATCH: Inside Look at the ‘Doctor Who’ Comic-Con Panel

While we were live-tweeting the Doctor Who panel at Comic-Con on Sunday, BBC America’s cameras were rolling, capturing all of the hilarity and hijinks inside Hall H. In this clip, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan open up about what …

The Doctor Dances: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Bust a Move at Comic-Con

What happened when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan grabbed some downtime between Doctor Who events at Comic-Con? They bust some serious moves, of course. (If you saw last season’s Doctor Who finale, you know Mr.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s Comic-Con Message to Arthur Darvill: ‘Wish You Were Here’

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had a blast representing Doctor Who out at Comic-Con in sunny San Diego. Conspicuously absent from the festivities was their TARDIS-mate Arthur Darvill (Rory), who is currently onstage at the Globe Theatre in London doing Doctor Faustus. However, Matt and Karen left Arthur this special video message. Watch:

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Karen Gillan Set for Series 7 Return

While it’s a done deal that Matt Smith will be manning the TARDIS for the foreseeable future, Karen Gillan has confirmed that she will indeed be back for Series 7. Hooray!

‘Doctor Who’ Panel Ends a Jam-Packed Comic-Con Weekend

It all started with the chanting. Then the clapping and stomping. Next the sonic screwdrivers were raised high into the air, their squiggly squeaks resounding throughout Hall H, which was filled to its 6,500-seat capacity.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Toby Whithouse Strut the ‘Doctor Who’ Red Carpet (Photos)

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and writer Toby Whithouse chatted with journalists and posed for photos on the red carpet at Comic-Con Sunday (July 24).

The ‘Doctor Who’ Fall Trailer Has Arrived!

As promised, we’re releasing the fall trailer for Doctor Who, which premiered during the show’s panel at Comic-Con today (July 24). Here’s BBC America’s official tease: “His time is running out.