Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

‘Doctor Who': All of the Doctor’s Travels in One Infographic

As we reflect upon Doctor Who‘s 50 years on television, the folks over at BBC Future have released a stunning interactive graphic, mapping all of the Doctor’s journeys through more than 200 stories, dotting his paths with …

WATCH: Two New Clips From ‘The Day of the Doctor’

This delightful clip was revealed during the BBC’s Children in Need telethon on Friday night.

WATCH: New ‘Doctor Who’ Mini Episode – ‘The Night Of the Doctor’


‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Suddenly, Everything Happens At Once

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which is the more exciting development of the past seven days; the sudden explosion of stuff pertaining to the 50th anniversary—trailers, teasers, pictures, gossip, quotes and all sorts, just keep …

BBC America Hosts ‘Doctor Who’ 50th Anniversary Celebration in November

A week of Whovian bliss full of premieres and marathons is in store for fans this November as BBC AMERICA celebrates Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary.

WATCH: First Clip From ‘The Day of the Doctor’

Well this #SaveTheDay thing appears to be working already.

#SaveTheDay – The Doctor Has Changed His Mind About Social Media

If you recall “The Power Of Three,” you’ll remember that the Doctor has some fairly sceptical views about Twitter.

Steven Moffat: “Smith & Tennant Is Like Laurel & Laurel”

We’re now no more than six weeks away from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, and that means only one thing. It’s time for Steven Moffat to lay some serious fan traps.

Some Old Fiends Arrive At The Doctor’s Birthday Party

Y’know how it is when you’re throwing a party and friends-of-friends start turning up, and they’ve got buddies who know people and someone else is just tagging along and before you know what’s what the entire …

Tickets For The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebration Coming Soon!

This, hot from the Doctor Who website, is for anyone planning a trip to London this November to celebrate 50 years of time travel, TARDISes, sonic screwdrivers, scarves, Daleks and running down corridors.