Diamond Jubilee

Royal Roundup: Coming to a Country Near You

Buckingham Palace has announced travel plans for the royal family to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year.

Royal Roundup: Prince William Grants an Interview about the Queen

William may be keeping a generally low profile during these end-of-summer weeks, especially because this time of year marks the anniversary of his mother’s death, but the Daily Mail reports that the normally press-shy Prince has …

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Could Miss the Diamond Jubilee

Prince Harry‘s superior officers in the Army have reportedly told him that he shouldn’t count on being able to attend the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations next June. Harry, a captain, is currently in training as a …

Royal Roundup: Prep for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Gets Underway

Around this time next year, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 60th year on the British throne. And according to BBC News, Buckingham Palace is already knee-deep in much of the party planning.