David Tennant

David Tennant: Pleased to Meet ‘Chew’

It emerged over the weekend that Jessica Jones is not the only comic book adaptation that David Tennant will be involved with this year. The Hollywood Reporter revealed that he will be adding his voice to the cast of Chew, an animated …

David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor: 10 Years Later

Today (June 18) marks 10 years since the Tenth Doctor’s face first came squeezing out of the Ninth Doctor’s in a big spurt of fire, giving Rose Tyler quite a fright. He arrived just as the reborn Doctor Who was starting to …

VOTE: Who is the British Kevin Bacon?

A couple of weeks ago, we posed the question ‘Who is the British Kevin Bacon?’ as a way of celebrating those British character actors who have appeared in such a staggering variety of U.K.

RIP ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’

The news has just been announced that the BBC’s supremely larky music panel show Never Mind the Buzzcocks will not be returning to British screens after its 28th series. This is a blow for fans of British comedy panel shows (of …

David Tennant to Play Psychiatrist R. D. Laing

The Cannes film festival is proving to be a great source of tantalizing information about potential future movies at the moment, as production companies swarm across the South of France trying to secure funding for their great ideas.