David Oyelowo

WATCH: Why Is Benedict Snogging Reese Witherspoon?

Note: that’s her full name above, he’s not snogging her with an actual spoon, that would be messy.

Expect Brits Aplenty on the Red Carpet this Awards Season

What goes with red? That’s the question any number of British stars are asking themselves as they select outfits in which to walk the red carpet during awards season.

WATCH: David Oyelowo on Working Opposite Oprah in ‘The Butler’

British actor David Oyelowo is extremely convincing playing the rebellious son determined to fight for racial equality in the new drama Lee Daniels’ The Butler out on Friday (August 16).

Hat’s Off to David Oyelowo, One Very Busy Actor

David Oyelowo’s Hollywood career is shifting into high gear.

The U.K.

Box-Office Brit-lapalooza: UK Actors Dominate Weekend Releases

If your local theater owner starts serving freshly brewed cups of tea out of a teapot covered with a cozy at the megaplex this weekend, don’t be surprised. It would only be fitting, given that there are British stars in all five of ...

The Rise of David Oyelowo

David Oyelowo is starring in his very own mini film festival at a multiplex near you. The British actor, whose career is in high gear, is currently appearing in two new releases: Rise of the Planet of the Apes, last weekend’s top box ...