David O. Russell

WATCH: Amy Adams Explains Her British Accent in ‘American Hustle’


WATCH: Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper’s Makeunder In ‘American Hustle’ Trailer

Back in July, pictures emerged of the cast of David O. Russell’s 1970s tale of sleaze and corruption, American Hustle, in which Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper, two very good looking men, appear to have undergone some kind of …

Christian Bale Gets A Frumpy Makeover In ‘American Hustle’

Say what you like about Christian Bale, but he is, by and large, a good-looking man. Which makes these newly-released shots from his latest movie all the more appealing for those of us who were not blessed with that particular gift.

WATCH: David O. Russell Offers Details on Next Christian Bale Collaboration

According to director David O. Russell, actor Christian Bale will be portraying a Jewish New Yorker in his forthcoming 1970s set film.