David Letterman

WATCH: David Letterman Has Some Fighting Words for James Corden

We don’t like to stir the pot, but we’ll step out of character this one time: What’s up with David Letterman picking on our Anglo favorites?

WATCH: David Tennant Schools David Letterman

American television has late night chat programs on practically every network channel, five days a week, until the wee hours, but it just feels a little bit more special when one of our Favorites pops up.

11 British Hosts Who Could Replace David Letterman

In case you’re unsure whether British TV viewers are aware of the magnitude of David Letterman’s achievements, or even who he is, be assured we most certainly are and do. Even though Late Show hasn’t had a firm slot on …

Watch: David Cameron, Jonny Lee Miller on ‘Letterman’

David Letterman reminded us last night that while J.K. Rowling may be Britain’s most high profile import to this country, she is by no means the only one.

Tony Blair Defends George W. Bush’s Intelligence on ‘Letterman’

Last night, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair joined The Late Show with David Letterman to push his much-discussed memoir, A Journey. Of course, we knew that Letterman would address the elephant in the room, which was …

David Letterman Rips Jamie Oliver’s U.S. Healthy-Eating Crusade

After Jamie Oliver got his ass handed to him by a bunch of lunch ladies on his new ABC show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, even David Letterman is criticizing the celeb chef’s healthy eating crusade here in the U.S.