David Hasselhoff

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Underachievers The British Adore

After yesterday’s array of showbiz behemoths who arrived on UK shores to a less-than-rapturous reception, here are five American acts who have done better over here than they have over there. Prophets without honour in their own …

Britain’s Prime Minister Meets Up With David Hasselhoff

This certainly has to be one of the most random and somewhat unimaginable social meetings in recent history. But BBC News reports that British Prime Minister David Cameron bumped into the one and only David Hasselhoff outside of …

David Hasselhoff Coming to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

The Sun reports that David Hasselhoff might step in for a departing Simon Cowell on next season’s Britain’s Got Talent. And Cowell’s the one who wants him in!