David Beckham

Eddie Redmayne Tops GQ Magazine’s Best-Dressed List

The Theory of Everything’s Eddie Redmayne has topped GQ’s best-dressed list of 2015. And, we’re only a week into the year.

Is Steven Gerrard the Next English Soccer Star to Join the MLS?

Ever since David Beckham departed the L.A.

WATCH: 17 British Celebs Starring on ‘Sesame Street’

The Sesame Street theme song asks the age-old question, “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?” The directions might be a little tricky if coming from the U.K.

Michael Sheen’s Paddington Statue Unveiled, First of 50 Contributions to Paddington Trail

VisitLondon is teaming up with British celebrities like Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex), Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock), Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who), and Emma Watson (The Perks of Being a Wallflower), in an attempt to raise funds for …

Getting David Beckham into His Underwear

The answer: just ask him. Sure, it’s all in the name of work, but really, does it take much arm twisting to get David Beckham into his skivvies?

WATCH: Stephen Hawking Uses Math To Predict England’s World Cup Soccer Success

The toughest thing about writing an Anglophile blog is finding an appropriate space for the things that are hugely popular in Britain, but mean far less in the U.S., like football.

First Look: David Beckham Motorbikes Through Brazil for BBC’s ‘Into the Unknown’

Retired football player David Beckham is making the best of his down time, starring in the upcoming BBC One documentary Into the Unknown.

Snapshot: 10 Stellar Selfies by British Celebs

We are living in a selfie-soaked culture: Britain’s Oxford University Press announced “selfie” as the 2013 word of the year. TIME recently featured an auction where the winner would win a selfie with Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian …

WATCH: Trailer For David Beckham’s ‘Only Fools And Horses’ Skit

It’s kind of hard to tell, and possibly impossible to find out definitively, but this might be a thing that only British people think is significant. One of our greatest footballers (meaning soccer) appearing in a specially …

Only Fools, And Horses, And David Beckham

There’s always a moment of disjointed thinking that comes with a photo like this. On the left, Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason, clearly playing Rodney and Del Boy Trotter—the characters that made them British household names …