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Hollywood Succumbs To Frankenstein Fever

Mary Shelley’s gothic tale of Promethian anguish has long held a fascination for movie audiences. So much so that there is still a popular confusion over whether the name Frankenstein applies to the crazed scientist that builds a ...

Brits with Birthdays: Mick Jagger Gathers No Moss at 70

If there’s a run on birthday candles in the U.K. this week, there’s an easy explanation.  Way too many famous Brits are celebrating birthdays.

Daniel Radcliffe’s ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’ Renewed for Second Season

Daniel Radcliffe stars opposite Mad Men’s Jon Hamm in A Young Doctor’s Notebook which originally aired on Sky Arts in the UK, and is available in the U.S. on iTunes.

Daniel Radcliffe to Play American Journalist in Mob Drama ‘Tokyo Vice’

He’s a long way from Hogwarts. Daniel Radcliffe continues to zig and zag away from his wizardly career beginnings, with Deadline reporting that he has signed on to play American journalist Jake Adelstein in Tokyo Vice, an ...

‘Harry Potter’ Gets An Honest Trailer

Apologies if you’ve seen this already, but it’s too good to pass up on, especially the bit with the Academy Awards nominations.

Five Curiously Neat Theatrical Double-Headers

We’ve all experienced that curious jolting sensation when a beloved actor from a TV show or movie franchise we’re really into suddenly appears in something else. “What,” we ask ourselves, “is Voldemort ...

RIP Richard Griffiths: Five Of His Greatest Hits

Richard Griffiths OBE, the Tony-winning star of stage and screen, has died at the age of 65. He had suffered complications following heart surgery.

Emma Watson And The Nine Scary Waxworks Of Doom

This week, a new waxwork of Emma Watson was revealed at the world famous Madame Tussaud’s in London. She looks, as a lot of waxworks do, not entirely unlike herself, but also not unlike someone else wearing an Emma Watson ...

Emma Watson Is Cinderella, Daniel Radcliffe Is Igor

Don’t worry, this isn’t a news report from a dream I had. According to Variety, Emma Watson is in talks with the kind of people you talk to if you want to make a film, about starring in a new, live action version of the ...

WATCH: How To Be Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe is best known for playing a bespectacled wizard, and he’s currently earning rave reviews as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg in the Sundance film Kill Your Darlings.