Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe: English Accent or Bust, According to Movie Producers

Why fix something if it’s not broken? In other words, if you’re an actor, an English actor to be exact, then why drop the delightfully pleasant way of speaking that makes us Americans weak in the knees?

The Reason Daniel Radcliffe Won’t Wear Glasses in Real Life

…and yes, it’s exactly what you think.

Imagine you’re internationally famous for a thing you did when you were a kid, a thing you’re proud of, something you’re still happy to be reminded of from time to time, but very much a thing that doesn’t …

Snapshot: The Men of the Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament

The 2014 Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament is just around the corner, kicking off on Saturday, November 1. If you’re on pins and needles wondering who’s going to make up the list of 32 contenders, we have compiled the …

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Raps (Well) on ‘Fallon’

Because we simply can’t get enough of British actors trying their hand at the pop music. Especially if it’s hip hop.

10 British Actors Trying Their Hands at Pop Music

While there is some crossover between the disciplines of music and theatre—actors becoming singers, singers becoming actors—it’s fair to say that each makes very singular demands on the charisma of the performers.

Michael Caine is Retiring, Sort of…

I guess now is as good a time as any to prepare ourselves for Michael Caine‘s inevitable retreat from front line movie making. And if his most recent interview on the BBC’s Newsnight is anything to go by, he’s been …

WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Goes Evil (and American) in New ‘Horns’ Trailer

Having spent the first decade of his career playing such a memorable hero, it’s perhaps no surprise that Daniel Radcliffe would try turning towards the dark side in his post-Harry Potter years. And it’s potentially the …

WATCH: Fancy Being Chatted Up By Daniel Radcliffe?

Well, be careful what you wish for.

This week, Daniel Radcliffe has been busily promoting his new movie, the romantic comedy What If, starring Adam Driver (Girls), Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks) and Rafe Spall (Prometheus), and as it’s that kind of a movie, more than one …

WATCH: New Trailer for 'Horns' Starring Daniel Radcliffe

To wake up with an unexplained bruise after a late night out is one thing, a “war wound” one might say, but horns protruding from your temples is a whole other story.

Anglophenia at San Diego Comic-Con: Updates on Twitter

It’s that time of year again: time to brave the California sun in our best cosplay and head to San Diego Comic-Con. And there’s enough going on at the 2014 convention to fill a TARDIS and a dozen Millennium Falcons.