Daniel Day-Lewis

WATCH: Teaser for Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’ with Daniel Day-Lewis

Here’s a first look at the very British Daniel Day Lewis playing the very American president Abraham Lincoln in Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln, which is set to hit theaters nationwide November 16. And it’s a very brief …

The Brit List: 10 Famous British Moustaches

Tom Weston-Jones and Kevin Ryan have some work to do. (Photo/BBCA) I moustache you a question, why do moustaches always give us a giggle? Possibly it’s because they do look ticklish!

Revealed: Daniel Day Lewis As Abraham Lincoln

It’s starting to look as if Daniel Day Lewis can make his face be whoever he wants it to be, on an almost molecular level. OK, so the beard is a dead giveaway, but look at his eyes.

My Name Is Bond, Matrimonial Bond

While the rest of the world was distracted by Simon & Cheryl, William & Katie, Beyoncé at Glastonbury, and the final Harry Potter film; two of Britain’s most loved actors have quietly snuck off and got secretly married.

WATCH: Jedward Performing For President Obama

Being a visiting dignitary in a foreign country must be a baffling experience, especially when you are subjected treated to a showcase performance of the best talent that country can muster. You probably have to develop the best poker …

Daniel Day-Lewis Cast in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Lincoln’

Academy Award-winning actor Daniel Day-Lewis has signed on to portray the United States' 16th President Abraham Lincoln in the forthcoming Steven Spielberg-directed film, Lincoln.

Julie Christie Will Show Up at The Oscars (If They Happen)

So the Oscar nominations were announced this morning, and, as expected, the great British hope, Atonement, was nominated for Best Picture. However, its two stars, James McAvoy and Keira Knightley, were omitted for the top acting …