Daniel Craig

James Bond Says James Bond Should Win An Oscar

With the usual caveat that all awards ceremonies are a silly business, and therefore not really worth getting too het up over, it’s nice to see Timothy Dalton, former Bond, speaking passionately about James Bond being ignored by …

WATCH: Anne Hathaway Tells of Awkward Moment with Daniel Craig

Anne Hathaway sat down with pal Chelsea Handler to talk about her new movie Les Miserables (December 25) on Handler’s late night show Chelsea Lately. Handler prodded Hathaway to share her story about a run-in with Skyfall star Daniel …

It’s Official: ‘Skyfall’ Is Bigger Than ‘Avatar’

Before we get into this, a caveat: James Cameron can probably sleep soundly in his bed for a while yet. The only place in which Skyfall is bigger at the box office than Avatar is the UK.

The Brit List: 10 British Actors and Actresses Who Could Get Oscar Nominations

Every year right about this time, handicapping for the Oscars begins. Who will be nominated for an Academy Award? Who will win?

Daniel Craig Showers Adele With Baby Gifts For Singing ‘Skyfall’

There’s something of the untamed savage in a gentleman’s skin about Daniel Craig. It’s part of the reason that his tenure as James Bond has been such a success (if we ignore Quantum of Solace for a moment), in that he …

British Government Site Advertises For ‘New 007′

I’m not sure, given that this is a story about a prank job advert, whether I want it to be true or not. I mean, it’s definitely not true, this is an advert for a job that absolutely only really exists in the Bond movies.

Daniel Craig Surprises British Troops With An Eyeful of ‘Skyfall’

No, this is not the first day of shooting on the NEXT Bond movie. What you’re seeing here is a photo taken during a surprise visit Daniel Craig paid to Camp Bastion, home to 800 British troops in Afghanistan.

Recap: Oscar Season Begins with Britannia Awards on BBC AMERICA

Hollywood award season kicked off in irreverent style with the Britannia Awards, airing for the first time on BBC AMERICA. Hosted by Alan Cumming and held in the Beverly Hilton Hotel — home of the Golden Globes — the …

Sam Mendes Owes ‘Skyfall’ Gig to Daniel Craig – and, Possibly, Alcohol

Sam Mendes says it’s thanks to a liquored up Daniel Craig that he had the chance to direct Skyfall, the new James Bond film that opens today (November 9).

50 Years of James Bond: With ‘Skyfall,’ Daniel Craig Now Owns 007

James Bond may not have a middle name but Daniel Craig does. His is Wroughton, as in Daniel Wroughton Craig.