Dalek Sightings

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Divulges ‘Doctor Who’ Details on ‘Chatty Man’

Current Time Lord Matt Smith paid a visit to Britain’s Chatty Man last Friday (July 15), where he gabbed about what’s new with The Doctor, life without Daleks, the show’s 50th anniversary and much, much more! Smith …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matthew Graham Shares His ‘Rebel Flesh’ Secrets

If you’ve been watching “The Rebel Flesh” and enjoying a break from the big story arc stuff of the early episodes in this series, well, we can tell you it’s quite deliberate, AND a throwback to Doctor Who‘s …

‘Doctor Who’ Fan Creates a Royal Wedding Dalek

Royal wedding mania is in absolute full effect, folks! If you’re one of the many royal enthusiasts hosting your own special soiree or if you’ve indulged in some of the creative royal wedding swag that’s out there, …

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith Earns TV BAFTA Nomination

By rights, this first item deserves its own blog post, a golden one, with special calligraphy and a dusting of glitter all over, but no, it’s Who’s Day, and that means we’ve got certain obligations to meet.

I Can Haz Dalek?

Are we seeing a trend out there? Photos and home videos of adorable animals facing off with dastardly, demonic Daleks from the sci-fi series Doctor Who? Buzzfeed's Tanner Ringerud, who previously dazzled us with an awesome gallery of sexy Karen Gillan photos, offers us "Cat vs. Dalek":

Dalek Spotted in L.A. Ahead of Matt Smith’s Craig Ferguson Appearance

We’ve had TARDIS sightings, but what about those despicable Daleks, also known as the Doctor’s arch-nemeses on the popular sci-fi series Doctor Who? One of these armored menaces turned up in L.A.