‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Return of the Cybermen

Welcome to another Doctor Who’s Day Roundup, gathering up a week’s worth of Gallifreyan delights.

Michelle Gomez AND the Cybermen in ‘Doctor Who’ Season Eight

Fans of British comedy will be particularly excited by the news, released earlier today, that Michelle Gomez—star of the quirky hospital hit Green Wing—will be appearing in Season Eight of Doctor Who.

Neil Gaiman: “We’ll Make The Cybermen Scary Again”

Let’s make a deal. We will stop exitedly reporting every tiny nugget of information that comes our way about the forthcoming Doctor Who adventure Neil Gaiman is writing with the Cybermen in, when it stops feeling like an …

A Video History Of The Cybermen

Over at the official Doctor Who Facebook page, they’re having a week devoted to the headphone-wearing tinpot Tin Men without emotions, the Cybermen. Which prompted us to have a dig about on YouTube to try and show the full …