Courtney Love

Transatlantic Catfight: Courtney Love and Lily Allen

The Shockwaves NME Awards lived up to their name Wednesday night when former rock homegirls Lily Allen and Courtney Love mixed it up backstage. The cordial, mutual celebrity kissy pooh-poohs apparently took an ugly turn, with both …

Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love May Go To Court

Have Sharon Osbourne and Courtney Love taken their battle to court? Sharon has notoriously alleged that Courtney introduced her son Jack to drugs.

Robbie Williams Says Courtney Love Is Too Busted For Him

Courtney Love – who has been linked to a number of British celebrities – apparently draws the line at Robbie Williams.

Pete Doherty: All I Need Is Love

Two of the biggest trainwrecks in music – Pete Doherty and Courtney Love – reportedly hooked up at a local Wiltshire pub. For the love of God, don’t let these two procreate.

Sharon Osbourne Slams Her Brother, Courtney Love

Sharon Osbourne is at war with her brother, David Arden, after he went to News of the World for a vicious tell-all interview. Arden says Sharon lied about a nasty dog mauling at her parents’ home that she claims caused a …

Courtney Love To Steve Coogan: Go Back To Brighton and Leave Us Alone

If there was any doubt that Courtney Love actually said those things about Steve Coogan, it’s been obliterated today: The Sun took a camera crew to L.A.

Outrageous Claim: Courtney Love Blames Steve Coogan For Owen Wilson’s Troubles

Courtney Love blames Steve Coogan‘s hard-partying influence for Owen Wilson‘s suicide attempt. “I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends.

Lily Allen: Banned From America?

So, today Lily Allen learned the lesson Snoop Dogg learned earlier this year: during wartime, acting a fool can and will get you banished from nations. Ms.