WATCH: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Gab It Up at ‘Nerdist’ Podcast, Hand Out Burritos

The photos from the event — featuring a fearsome hand puppet called the Moffat Muppet — were hilarious enough, but now we’ve got video of the Comic-Con Nerdist podcast featuring Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan and Matt Smith. …

WATCH: Doctor and Amy Pond Lookalikes Compete at Comic-Con

It was a bit like a homecoming dance, but with a much cooler King and Queen crowned at the end.

The Doctor Dances: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Bust a Move at Comic-Con

What happened when Matt Smith and Karen Gillan grabbed some downtime between Doctor Who events at Comic-Con? They bust some serious moves, of course. (If you saw last season’s Doctor Who finale, you know Mr.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan’s Comic-Con Message to Arthur Darvill: ‘Wish You Were Here’

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan had a blast representing Doctor Who out at Comic-Con in sunny San Diego. Conspicuously absent from the festivities was their TARDIS-mate Arthur Darvill (Rory), who is currently onstage at the Globe Theatre in London doing Doctor Faustus. However, Matt and Karen left Arthur this special video message. Watch:

‘Doctor Who’ Panel Ends a Jam-Packed Comic-Con Weekend

It all started with the chanting. Then the clapping and stomping. Next the sonic screwdrivers were raised high into the air, their squiggly squeaks resounding throughout Hall H, which was filled to its 6,500-seat capacity.

‘Doctor Who’ Stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan on the ‘Nerdist’ Live (Photos)

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan thrilled the audience at the last night's live Nerdist podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick at San Diego's 4th and B concert venue. Check out some of the best moments from last night's event, which include appearances by Star Trek vet Wil Wheaton and a little troublemaker called the "Moffat Muppet." (It must be seen to be believed.) And Matt and Karen got their hands dirty by delivering TARDIS burritos to the crowd. (Yes, they are bigger on the inside…)

Gangers Galore! Photos from the ‘Doctor Who’ Lookalike Contest at Comic-Con

For days, BBC America has been scouring Comic-Con, all in search of the best Doctor doppelgangers and Amy analogues for a Doctor Who lookalike contest, which was held this afternoon (July 23). Check out our snaps of the event. (All photos by Dave Gustav Anderson.)

‘Doctor Who’ Stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Drop By G4, BBC America Booth (Photos)

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan caused a stir at Comic-Con today (July 23). First they were interviewed live by the techie network G4, and then they made a surprise appearance at the BBC America booth, where they tested out the merchandise. That Karen looks hot with a TARDIS tattoo!

‘Bedlam’ Screening and Q&A: Bringing Scary Back to Supernatural TV

A healthy crowd turned out for the U.S. premiere screening of BBC America’s new scarefest Bedlam.

News Roundup: John Lydon’s House on Fire, Simon Cowell on J-Lo and Andy Serkis on Going Ape

• Former Sex Pistol John Lydon took time out from accepting an award at yesterday’s MOJO bash to explain to reporters that he is currently without a London home, because it burned to the ground. A faulty spin-drier is thought to be …