Piers Morgan’s CNN Run Comes to an End

British TV personality Piers Morgan had a good run on CNN but his show, Piers Morgan Tonight, has been canceled, reports CNN.

WATCH: Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Sister Zain Asher Welling Up On CNN

There’s no getting around the fact that awards ceremonies in the arts are inherently silly.

A Defense Of Amy Winehouse: Wind Your Neck In, William J. Bennett

It didn’t take long, did it? Media outlets, left with nothing to say about the life and sad death of Amy Winehouse, find themselves bringing in commentators to put forward their own specialized and highly biased theories about …

WATCH: Anglophenia Interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan

In our video interview, Piers Morgan told Anglophenia’s Lindsay Davis how he was going to lure back viewers back to CNN. “What we have to do at CNN is make more noise, and that’s why they brought a noisy little brat …