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WATCH: Jim Sturgess on Elusive Stardom, Kristen Stewart and ‘Cloud Atlas’

He’s had major roles in films like Across the Universe, The Way Back and One Day, but high-profile A-list movie stardom has so far eluded the talented British actor Jim Sturgess.

‘Cloud Atlas’ Author David Mitchell: If the Movie Were Structured Like the Book, ‘It Would Suck’

British author David Mitchell says he never imagined anyone would make a movie out of his novel Cloud Atlas.

Hugo Weaving Is An Embarrassment To All Thespians Everywhere

I’m not sure how to break this to you. I have thought long and hard, considered all the possible angles to take, searched in vain for a chance to soften the blow, but in the end it seemed cleanest and fairest to just speak the ...

‘The Hour’ Star Ben Whishaw in ‘Cloud Atlas’: Watch Trailer

Twitter and the Interwebs have been abuzz today after the release of a gorgeous extended trailer for Cloud Atlas, an ambitious, visually arresting adaptation of British author David Mitchell‘s 2004 novel. The film features six ...