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Five Nerdist Podcasts That Shook the World: No. 1, The First Time’s Always Special

With the debut of The Nerdist TV show on BBC America on Saturday, September 24th at 10/9c, we’re giving fans and newcomers alike a chance to hear or relive pivotal moments in Nerdist Podcast history, with an emphasis on five ...

‘Nerdist’ Host Chris Hardwick’s Favorite British TV Comedies

Young American nerds in the ’70s and ’80s always had brain-boners for British comedy. The imports we got were drier and more academic in nature than what American TV provided in those days.

As Nerdist Week Begins on Anglophenia, Your Nerdist FAQs

Huge nerd alert: an original special based on Chris Hardwick‘s massively popular podcast and blog The Nerdist will hit BBC America on Saturday, September 24 at 10/9c. In anticipation, Anglophenia has partnered with the ...

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Matt Smith and Karen Gillan Hope to Join Forces for ‘Macbeth’

While they already spend a ton of time inside the TARDIS, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan apparently hope to one day hit the stage together. Specifically, they want to take on the Shakespeare classic, Macbeth.

WATCH: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan Gab It Up at ‘Nerdist’ Podcast, Hand Out Burritos

The photos from the event — featuring a fearsome hand puppet called the Moffat Muppet — were hilarious enough, but now we’ve got video of the Comic-Con Nerdist podcast featuring Doctor Who‘s Karen Gillan and Matt Smith. ...

WATCH: Exclusive Sneak Peek at BBC America’s Original ‘Doctor Who’ Specials

Which Doctor Who monster would make the best roommate? What’s the most fashionable Timelord headgear, fez or Stetson? And, of course, the age-old question, pool in the TARDIS or Vortex Manipulator watch?

‘Doctor Who’ Stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan on the ‘Nerdist’ Live (Photos)

Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan thrilled the audience at the last night's live Nerdist podcast, hosted by Chris Hardwick at San Diego's 4th and B concert venue. Check out some of the best moments from last night's event, which include appearances by Star Trek vet Wil Wheaton and a little troublemaker called the "Moffat Muppet." (It must be seen to be believed.) And Matt and Karen got their hands dirty by delivering TARDIS burritos to the crowd. (Yes, they are bigger on the inside…)

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan to Appear on Live ‘Nerdist’ Comic-Con Podcast

Better get your tickets to the live Nerdist podcast at Comic-Con FAST, y’all. Chris Hardwick has just announced that Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith and Karen Gillan will be guests for “BBC AMERICA Presents: Nerdist Podcast Live ...

Chris Hardwick to Host ‘Ministry of Laughs’ and ‘Nerdist’ Pilot for BBC America

BBC America has just announced that Chris Hardwick — comedian, geek extraordinaire, and major Doctor Who fan — will host the channel’s “Ministry of Laughs” comedy block, which premieres June 18. He’s also ...

Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Steven Moffat Highlights New Season Details

• There’s a new BBC interview with Steven Moffat, in which he says this (among other things) about how the story of the Doctor evolves in the new series: “The big difference, I suppose, is how long the Doctor is hanging ...