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Michael Gambon Joins Cast of ‘Dad’s Army’ Movie

This is a very sensitive issue for British comedy fans. Dad’s Army is widely considered to be one of the best sitcoms in British television history, and a movie remake, no matter how affectionately attempted, could stamp heavily …

Snapshot: 9 British/American Celebrity Couples

We’re not the only ones who are keen on Brits, with plenty of Hollywood American A-listers coupled up with British celebs. It’s not surprising that these British and American actors met, fancied each other and became items …

Brits with Birthdays: ‘Downton’s Rob James-Collier Adds a Year, and More

Rob James-Collier, who plays scheming servant Thomas Barrow on the popular TV series, Downton Abbey, turns 37 today (Sept. 23).

WATCH: Helen Mirren Talks About Her Return to ‘Red 2’

Dame Helen Mirren (The Queen) reprises her role as a retired, extremely dangerous (RED) agent in Red 2, the sequel to Red. It is a bit of fun to check out Mirren kicking bum and taking names in this action-comedy flick starring …

WATCH: Catherine Zeta-Jones: Americans More Open on Mental Health Concerns

In promoting the new thriller Side Effects, Catherine Zeta-Jones, who plays a psychiatrist, has been noting that Americans still seem to talk much more openly about mental health issues.

WATCH: After Watson, Jude Law Plays Another Doctor In ‘Side Effects’

That’s right, after chasing around Victorian London as Doctor Watson, two steps behind Robert Downey Junior, in Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes franchise, Jude’s a man of medicine again. This time he’s the …

WATCH: Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta Jones In ‘Rock Of Ages’ Trailer

Well now here’s a trailer that creates more questions than it answers. For example: Russell Brand, is he always going to play a rock star (or a millionaire who acts like a rock star) in films?

Five Great British TV Shows Where The Location Is The Star

I’m not sure how aware of this phenomenon you are over in the States, but there’s a tradition on British TV which, at some point over the past 30 years, seems to have become law: Sunday night is the time to make pastoral, …

Catherine Zeta-Jones Breaks Silence Over Bipolar II Disorder

More details are starting to emerge about Catherine Zeta-Jones’s battle to stave off the extreme effects of bipolar II disorder, in the wake of her husband Michael’s struggle to recover from throat cancer.

Adam Ant’s Advice to Catherine Zeta-Jones

Whatever your feelings about Adam Ant as a pop star, you can’t deny he’s had some experience of the devastating effects that fame and public scrutiny can have on a person’s mental health. So it’s a rather …