Catherine Tate

Catherine Tate, Ruth Jones To Appear in New Comedy Lineup

Doesn’t anybody remember laughter? Well, UK network Sky is bringing back the funny with a new comedy lineup that will feature Catherine Tate (Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show), Gavin & Stacey‘s Ruth Jones, Dawn …

Catherine Tate, One Step Closer to Conquering Hollywood!

Comedienne and Doctor Who companion Catherine Tate has won the role of Queen of Liliput in the Jack Black film adaptation of Gulliver’s Travels, her first Hollywood role. Congratulations, babe…we always knew you were a …

Doctor Who Has Made Catherine Tate a Hot Hollywood Commodity

She’s on fire: is Catherine Tate set to star opposite Liam Neeson in a Hollywood film? (The Sun)

Catherine Tate Teaches You How To Write Comedy. Plus: Merlin Reviews Are In!

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Doctor Who Fans Act a Fool In Front of David Tennant

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Catherine Tate Receives Rave Reviews for New Play

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Catherine Tate Will Go Nude For New Play

Catherine Tate will “get her Tates out” (to steal The Sun‘s headline) in a “saucy sex scene” – a “graphic sex romp,” if you will – for the new West End play, Under the Blue Sky. Get …

Weakest Link Host Anne Robinson Beckons Celeb Guest To “Feel Her Breasts”

They’re real, and they’re spectacular: Weakest Link host Anne Robinson asked celeb contestant Olly Smith to “feel her breasts” during a taping of the show. A shockingly low 16 viewers were alarmed by this.

Don’t Touch Her, She’s Ginger: Britain’s Problem with Redheads

You’d think that the baby’s ridiculous name would be a greater cause for alarm, but Jordan‘s more concerned that her newborn daughter Princess Tiaami is a budding firecrotch. “I don’t mind, though.

Catherine Tate On Doctor Who Has a Few Viewers Bovvered

Take a day off to celebrate the nation’s birthday and look what happens: comedian Catherine Tate has been announced as David Tennant‘s new sidekick on Doctor Who, a decision that has proven wildly controversial. (The …