London’s First Cat Café Opens

If you’re a busy commuter, with a job that demands a lot and leaves no time to look after a pet, you’ll have probably felt the sad ache of realisation that the stress-relieving, cuddly joys of stroking a cat while sipping a …

Cat Burglars Strike in Essex

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this, and probably not the last, two feline brothers have turned to burglary. An Essex couple, Margaret and Eddie Boddy, is attempting to return stolen goods to their neighbors and set their …

Mind the Cat: Oyster the Cat Hitched a Ride on London Tube

Commuters on the London Tube were surprised to see a feline passenger riding the train alone, sitting comfortably on a seat, reports Metro U.K.

Sheffield Man Sets Up “Pet Cam” to Film Escape

Matt Hirst, a resident of Sheffield, England, went to work as usual but came home to find his cat, Dexter, and dog, Gizmo, had the run of the house, reports BBC News.

8-Year-Old Kent Girl Befriends a Skunk

Harriet Cooper, 8, of Kent, England, has become friends with an unlikely candidate … a skunk. Harriet’s parents, Maria and Ian, run a petting zoo, Amazing Animal Encounters, that tours local schools and added Humbug, the skunk, to …