Cannes: Jeremy Irons Talks ‘Trash’ at the Festival

Jeremy Irons has been in Cannes this week promoting Trashed — an ecological documentary warning of the hazards resulting from the irresponsible dumping of waste.

Cannes: Tim Roth Shows Softer Side in Father-Daughter Drama

At the Cannes Film Festival, Tim Roth, best known for his bad guy roles, can be seen playing against type as a tender-hearted father in the British film Broken.

Playing Mother to a Teenage Killer, Tilda Swinton Sets Cannes Abuzz

The talk in Cannes is that Britain’s Tilda Swinton may walk away with a Best Actress trophy at the closing night ceremony.

WATCH: Jamie Cullum Serenading Robert de Niro

Surprise parties are always a bit strange aren’t they?

Hex’s Michael Fassbender Sacrifices His Body For Oscar-Bait Role

Look what happened to the hotness that was Michael Fassbender a.k.