Royal Roundup: Buckingham Palace Flashmob Celebrates Royal Wedding

Out of nowhere today (May 9), a flashmob regaled onlookers at Buckingham Palace with a performance celebrating the royal wedding. More than 100 dancers, most of whom were students, twisted and twirled outside the palace gates to the …

Royal Roundup: Prince William to the Rescue

Talk about a busy week back at work. Most of us only have to deal with a backlog of unread emails after returning from holiday, but Prince William, a search-and-rescue pilot for Britain’s Royal Air Force, has been involved in …

Royal Roundup: Philip Treacy Defends Beatrice’s Much-Mocked Headgear

The wreath-like hat Princess Beatrice wore to Friday’s (April 29) royal wedding continues to be an Internet punchline. (In the shadow of Beatrice’s ridiculous headgear, Princess Eugenie‘s feather-topped blue fascinator …

Knit the Royal Family… Just in Time for William and Kate’s Big Day

If you really want to take part in Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s April 29 nuptials, you might want to embrace your crafty side.

Royal Roundup: The Savory Scoop on Kate’s Luncheon with Camilla

When Kate Middleton dined with her fiancé’s stepmother, Camilla, on Wednesday (February 9), she enjoyed quite the healthy and delicious menu at London’s Berkeley Hotel.

Royal Roundup: No Royal Wedding Invite for Michelle Obama?

Every news organization this side of the Atlantic is reporting that President and Mrs. Obama have not received an invitation. On Wednesday (February 9), Michelle Obama was asked on LIVE!

Camilla Documentary Will Probe the Duchess’ Sex Life

A Channel 4 documentary will delve into the “in’s and out’s” of Camilla‘s sex life. There are a lot of things I’d like to learn about before I die; somehow this fails to make the list.