Bryan Elsley

WATCH: Creator of ‘Skins’ Premieres ‘Dates’ Tonight

There seems to be two schools of thought on dating with one being, “Yay, I get to meet someone new and do something fun I might not do on my own!” And, the other, and possibly more common, is, “This will be pure torture.”

Bryan Elsley Reveals More About MTV’s ‘Skins’

Since Entertainment Weekly debuted the official trailer for the forthcoming MTV installment of Skins last month, fans across the web have been in constant chatter, wondering what’s in store for the American remake.

Watch: Sneak Peek of the US Installment of ‘Skins’

We've been waiting for this, haven't we? The American spin-off of the British cult favorite Skins, as seen on BBC America, is finally shaping up.