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From “Monkey Hangers” to “Spireites”: Affectionate Nicknames for British Townspeople

Every town has its own story, its own sports team and a cute nickname for its own citizens. Sometimes these are little more than a twist on the name of the town itself—Mancunians, Bristolians, Dundonians—and sometimes there are …

10 British Beach Towns with Character

You may wish to come to the U.K. for the culture, the theater, the cream teas and the accents, but if you overlook the life-giving qualities of a trip to the seaside, you are missing out.

The 10 Most (And Least) Romantic British Places To Take Your Valentine

If you were thinking of taking a date to Britain on a romantic Valentine’s Day jaunt, be warned: not everywhere has thatched roofs and servants called Jeeves.

Five Good Places To Get A Scone In The Lake District (In 2013)

If you saw this week’s Doctor Who adventure The Rings of Akhaten, you may find yourself unaccountably pining for a scone in the Lake District. You may not even be sure where the Lake District is, or if it is actually a real place …

Kentucky: You’ll Come for the Bourbon, You’ll Stay for the ‘Roadkill Bingo’

It can’t be that difficult to get people in England to visit Kentucky.

There’s the horseback riding, of which British types are known to be fond. The state’s official nickname, the Bluegrass State, though derived from its native flora, also describes music descended in part from England and …