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British TV Audiences Love the CSI Franchise

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British Pop Star Has Hot Mess Meltdown on Morning TV

OK, question to loyal Anglophenia readers: If I’d just downed a sh**load of pills and was slurring like Shane MacGowan on a bender, you wouldn’t let me go on national TV and make a fool of myself, would you? Unfortunately, …

Joan Rivers Lets It Loose On Live British TV

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Racism Charges Divide British TV, Music Industries

A BBC reporter criticizes comedian Lenny Henry for his comments about race and employment practices at the company. Reporter Olenkia Frenkiel says, “Lenny Henry calls for a black dg (Director-General). Any black dg?

Leon v. Rhydian on The X Factor: Most Contested Vote Since
Gore v. Bush.

In a stunning upset, Leon Jackson won X Factor on Saturday, prevailing over season-long favorites Rhydian Roberts and brother-sister duo Same Difference.

Russell T. Davies Says BBC May Edit Torchwood For Kids, But the Same-Sex Kisses Stay In!

BBC2 will air an edited version of Torchwood for younger viewers, but Russell T. Davies was adamant that same-sex kissing NOT be removed. Good for him!

X-Factor’s Rhydian: Like a Really Camp Cheerleader in a White Supremacist Pep Rally

Don't know if you've been following this season's X-Factor – the UK's version of American Idol – but you can catch highlights of the show on the X-Factor channel on YouTube. The contestant making headlines …

BBCA Shows Dominate Britain’s National TV Awards

Congrats to all the shows and performers nominated for Britain’s National TV Awards, which are similar to the U.S.’s People’s Choice Awards.

So James Nesbitt As Doctor Who…What Do You Think, BBC AMERICA Fans?

Doctor Who creator Russell T. Davies and star David Tennant have not announced their departures yet, but that hasn’t stopped The Sun from predicting their replacements.

“Man vs. Wild” Star Bear Grylls “Faked” Survival Techniques?

Former British Special Service officer Bear Grylls, host of Man vs. Wild, is the latest victim of the new media witchhunt for big fakers.