British Invasion

Cary Elwes to Add Hotness to NBC’s ‘Wonder Woman’

It’s been a massive week for the British Invasion of television, especially for NBC. As reported yesterday (March 3), James Callis and Jamie Bamber have been cast in the network’s new supernatural cop drama, 17th …

BBC America Insider Chats with Us About the New British Invasion

Dude, we're famous! Tori from the newly launched BBC America Insider blog - check it out now on Tumblr - chatted with me, Kevin Wicks, about the piece I wrote on the new British Invasion that's underway.

British Talent Lined Up for Ronald Moore’s NBC Pilot, ’17th Precinct’

The police procedural could be the most creatively spent genre in all of television. (Yet networks continue to churn them out.

British Invasion: Minnie Driver, Jason Isaacs Score U.S. TV Roles

The British Invasion of American entertainment charges on: Minnie Driver, who spoke to us recently about her career and growing older in Hollywood, is one of the many Brits to land U.S.

Henry Cavill Steels Up for First Magazine Cover as Superman

Amongst all the media chatter about the British actor playing Superman, one person has remained mum, and that’s the man himself, Henry Cavill. Well, the Tudors star has broken his silence in a big way: he’s featured on the …

The ‘Gossip Girl’-ification of MTV’s ‘Skins': How America Regards the Working Class

In the past month, we’ve been looking at a remarkable British Invasion of America’s entertainment industry. Superman is now a Brit. American TV networks are gorging on British comedies and dramas.

David Mitchell: UK Actors Should Stick to Villains, Not Superheroes

Leave it to David Mitchell, star of Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, to give his own humorously cantankerous but thoughtful take on things. His target this week: Britain’s monopoly on America’s leading superhero …

Why is Clark Kent Changing in a Red Telephone Box?

The 15 ft. bronze statue of Superman that stands in front the courthouse in Metropolis, Ill., a town that’s the site of the annual Superman Celebration festival, bears the inscription, “Truth – Justice – The American Way.”

WATCH: ‘The Colbert Report’ Takes on the British Superman

Stephen Colbert, that staunch defender of all things American, took on this week’s news of a British Superman (Henry Cavill) in the “Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger” segment on last night’s (February 2) Colbert …

A Half-Century After the Beatles, Is Another British Invasion Underway?

Is this all some sort of post-colonial payback? Has a gang of rogue Brits suddenly descended upon Hollywood and replaced our American-born gods with UK ones?