British Football

WATCH: Stephen Hawking Uses Math To Predict England’s World Cup Soccer Success

The toughest thing about writing an Anglophile blog is finding an appropriate space for the things that are hugely popular in Britain, but mean far less in the U.S., like football.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 25): Footballer Darron Gibson Quits Twitter

Soccer player Darron Gibson trended on Twitter in the UK today in a way he apparently didn’t much care for.

WAGs Are a Drag: Footballers’ Wives Make Players “Weak” and “Soft,” Says Manager

Did Victoria Beckham turn David into the screaming big girl’s blouse he is today? Roy Keane, manager of the Sunderland football club, claims today’s players are whipped by their overbearing WAGs.

Jealousy Toward David Beckham Cost England the World Cup?

I think David Beckham is overrated in too many ways to count – starting with his much-touted sex appeal and fashion sense – and clearly his England teammates felt the same way. Football super-agent Pini Zahavi attributes …