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What is British Cuisine? ‘No Kitchen Required’ Chef Michael Psilakis Gives His Take

If you had to describe British food to someone who’s never sampled fish ‘n’ chips (with vinegar and mushy peas, natch!) or luxuriated in a fine English breakfast, how would you do it?

Most Misunderstood British Dish? ‘No Kitchen Required’ Chef Madison Cowan Responds

Anglophenia’s Paul Hechinger sought to debunk five myths about British food earlier, but which UK dish gets the most unearned grief from the squeamish?

Five Myths About British Food

With BBC America’s new adventure cooking series No Kitchen Required (premiering Tuesday, April 3 at 10/9c) whisking three chefs off to far-flung locales to master native dishes, Anglophenia’s taking a fresh look at British ...

Gallery: A New Year’s Guide to British Booze

Fancy a Bit of BFC (British Fried Chicken)?

by Paul Hechinger

Newsflash: Gordon Ramsay’s Food Will Make You Fat

Gordon Ramsay and Nigella Lawson‘s food is too “fattening,” says a British panel of nutritionists and dietitians: “In some cases one serving contains more than an adult’s entire recommended daily limit of ...