British Film

Britons Love Bollywood. Race-Mixing? Not So Much…

Why are the Bollywood “Oscars” being held in Sheffield of all places? “For British filmgoers, Bollywood is a more popular non-Hollywood genre than European arthouse movies, and its titles now regularly appear in UK …

New York’s Toughest Critic Loves “Hot Fuzz”

The cantankerous New York Press film critic, Armond White, is not known for gushing over the usual awards-season darlings. He regularly takes a big stinky dump on everyone from Todd Haynes to Michael Mann to Sacha Baron Cohen.

Telegraph’s Top 21 British Directors of All-Time

The film critics over at The Daily Telegraph have gotten together and selected who they feel are the 21 best British directors of all-time. How they settled on the 21 is a big mystery, although they say “whittling the list down …

Ricky Gervais Romances You in a New Movie

Ricky Gervais will play “a leading role in a Hollywood romantic comedy,” reports BBC. Looking at the photo the BBC selected, are we quite sure he’s not playing the female lead?

Mexico Slaughtered Britain at Last Night’s Oscars

The British dominance of Hollywood has been a big story throughout award season. But one could be forgiven for mistaking last night’s Oscars for a World Cup match, and, predictably, Britain got beaten by Mexico.

Brits Got Stiffed at Last Night’s Award Ceremonies

British entertainers had better be glad that the Brit awards are happening this week. Artists like James Blunt and Corinne Bailey Rae were left empty-handed as those naughty Dixie Chicks took home award after award.