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WATCH: Why Do the British Have Separate Hot and Cold Taps?

When you grow up expecting things to be a certain way and find out they are not a universal constant, it can be quite bewildering, and when that bewilderment is applied to plumbing, things often get unpleasant.

From “Monkey Hangers” to “Spireites”: Affectionate Nicknames for British Townspeople

Every town has its own story, its own sports team and a cute nickname for its own citizens. Sometimes these are little more than a twist on the name of the town itself—Mancunians, Bristolians, Dundonians—and sometimes there are ...

British Good Friday Traditions: Pace-Egging, Toss Pot and St. George

Having made an attempt to round up several of the more unorthodox Easter traditions of the British Isles earlier in the week, here’s one that we’ve saved for a more in-depth analysis, not least because it will be being ...

Personality Quiz: Which British City Should You Move To?

Britain is, of course, blessed with many fine cities, from Truro in the south and west all the way up to Inverness in the north and east, but if we had to pick five, and then insist that you take a quiz to determine which one you should ...

Dickens Birthday Roundup: Mutual Fans Have Hard Times Keeping Up With the Day’s Great Expectations


“The whole country seems to have gone mad with Dickens,” says A.N.

How British Are You?

If you’re a tea-drinking supporter of the royal family, who knows how to stand in line and talks incessantly about the weather, then according to a new study, there’s only one thing you could be.

The British Are Humorlessness Cranks Who Hate Other People’s Success?

Stand-up comedian Danny Bhoy criticizes English audiences for their humorlessness: “In England they’ve got no time for comedy,” he said. “They don’t laugh at all. They have no muscles in their faces.

The Power Players of British Culture: Tom Stoppard, Damien Hirst…Keira Knightley?

Nicholas Hynter, artistic director for Britain’s National Theatre, has been named The Most Culturally Important Person in the UK by The Daily Telegraph. A panel including Julian Fellowes and Emilia Fox selected the paper’s ...

British Women Are Unkempt and Lazy About Grooming,’ Says Writer

Don’t expect Times writer Tad Safran to get laid anytime soon – on either side of the pond.

The Face of the “Real” James Bond: Why the “Research” Sucks

Science and art…never the twain shall meet. As if Daniel Craig hadn’t already defined Ian Fleming‘s fictional spy anti-hero, researchers have attempted to get inside the late author’s head and determine the ...