British Actors

‘Surprise’ Premiere of ‘Lincoln’ Generates Oscar Buzz

It wasn’t even four score and seven minutes after a New York Film Festival sneak preview of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln last night (October 8) that movie industry media started handicapping the film’s Academy Award prospects.

Play ‘Spot the Brit’ in This Weekend’s New Movie Releases

Playing every Anglophenia reader’s favorite game, Spot the Brit, is going to be easy at the megaplex this weekend.

50 Years of James Bond: Sean Connery in Clips

He may not look it, but James Bond turns 50 today (October 5). Next thing you know, he’ll be using a jet-propelled walker.

Damian Lewis, Maggie Smith Score Biggest British Emmy Wins

The biggest British wins at last night’s Emmys were the acting awards given to Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey and to Damian Lewis for Homeland, but American series snatched other major awards away from strong British contenders.

‘The Queen Team’ – Helen Mirren and Peter Morgan Reunite to Bring Elizabeth II to Stage

Helen Mirren knows that it’s good to be Queen.

The British actress is donning her royal crown again. She will reprise her role as England’s Queen Elizabeth II, this time on stage, in a new play called The Audience on London’s West End.

The Brit List: Anglophenia’s Top Five Summer Movie Winners and Losers

With Labor Day upon us, the summer movie season is officially over. It will soon be safe for serious moviegoers to go back into theaters without fearing that every single movie will feature comic book heroes, robots or Adam Sandler.

Robert Pattinson Takes a Treacherous Ride in ‘Cosmopolis’

Trying to sink his teeth into a serious role that has nothing to with vampires, Twilight star Robert Pattinson comes a cropper in Cosmopolis.

Rebecca Hall Plays a Serious Ghostbuster in ‘The Awakening’

Rising British-American actress Rebecca Hall (The Town) will get to test her star power this weekend when The Awakening opens in U.S. theaters.

Like James Bond, ‘Bourne’ Spy Series Has Strong British Ties

Bourne is reborn, or at least rebooted, in The Bourne Legacy, the fourth film in the popular action thriller series. It opened this weekend (August 10) with English actress Rachel Weisz in a major role.

Poorly Reviewed ‘Total Recall’ Won’t Increase Kate Beckinsale’s Fortunes

Walk sexy and carry a big gun. That seems to be the mantra of Kate Beckinsale’s action babe in Total Recall, a sci-fi thriller that opens today (Friday, August 3).