Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle Opens Up About Bullying on ‘Oprah’

Scottish songbird Susan Boyle took the stage of The Oprah Winfrey Show on Tuesday (October 19) for the biggest performance of its 25-year history. The Britain's Got Talent superstar spoke in-depth about her new album (The Gift), her …

America’s Got Amanda Holden

Guess who’s over here trying to cash in on her newfound Britain’s Got Talent fame here in the States? It ain’t Susan Boyle. She’s otherwise engaged.

Susan Boyle Was Set Up To Fail

Had she won Britain’s Got Talent, her story wouldn’t be half as compelling, right? Susan Boyle just upped her diva cred exponentially by having to be stashed away in a mental clinic.

Who Will Save Susan Boyle?

Has Britain’s Got Talent created a monster with Susan Boyle? It appears the “sweet Scottish lady” who won millions of fans has yanked off her mask and revealed the rage and terror beneath.