Britain’s Got Talent

Susan Boyle Biopic Moving Forward

Susan Boyle, the 2009 Winner of Britain’s Got Talent, won over the world with her blindsiding, unexpected voice and humbled demeanor. There’s been talk of a movie for a while but nothing concrete so far.

LOOK: James Corden Is Paul Potts In ‘One Chance’

British cinema loves to make movies in which people from humble or working-class origins turn out to be gifted or artistic in some way. There’s the one about the miner’s boy who becomes a ballet dancer (Billy Elliot), the …

Simon Cowell Is Sending The Winner Of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Into Space

I’m not sure if you can follow a remorseful quote about being too arrogant with a declaration that you’ll be sending the winner of a TV talent show into space to broadcast to the entire planet, but then Simon Cowell is not …

Simon Cowell Sued For Stealing The X Factor

The story so far: British TV executive Simon Fuller develops a reality show based around auditions for a new pop band. It’s called Popstars and it does very well, making stars out of two bands (Hear’Say and Liberty X) and one of …

Simon Cowell News: Britain’s Got Talent, Cheryl’s Got Prospects

If there’s one expression which should strike fear into the hearts of anyone looking to enter a reality TV talent contest, it’s “bookies favorite.” Because they never win. Susan Boyle?

So Who Is Going To Win Britain’s Got Talent 2011?

I know you all want this, I can see it in your eyes. Don’t pretend to be above it.

Just Call Him ‘Sir’ Simon Cowell?

It looks like Simon Cowell may be next in line to receive a knighthood title. According to The Daily Mail, the 51-year-old music exec and successful TV producer apparently tops Queen Elizabeth‘s New Year’s Honors List.

David Hasselhoff Coming to ‘Britain’s Got Talent’?

The Sun reports that David Hasselhoff might step in for a departing Simon Cowell on next season’s Britain’s Got Talent. And Cowell’s the one who wants him in!

Roundup: David Frankel to Direct Paul Potts Biopic

Three years ago, inspiring opera singer Paul Potts charmed the hearts of Britain's Got Talent with his stunning rendition of "Nessun dorma" from Puccini's Turandot. Judge Amanda Holden was brought to tears, while Simon Cowell …

Sharon Osbourne to Take Piers Morgan’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Seat?

With her much publicized rift with Dannii Minogue still making headlines, Sharon Osbourne may return to the reality talent show ring for next season's Britain's Got Talent. The Daily Mail reports that the former The X Factor and …