Brian May

Brits with Birthdays: Felicitations Are Due Benedict Cumberbatch, and Others

Busy, busy Benedict Cumberbatch needs to make time in his busy schedule this Friday, July 19, to mark his 37th birthday.

Five British Music Stars That Should Be Knighted

There are few things less attractive than whining, especially from people who are doing pretty well for themselves. It’s ungrateful, it’s bratty and it never, ever arrives with the same righteous fury that it had when …

RIP: Sir Patrick Moore – Hero Of British Scientific Broadcasting

Sir Patrick Moore was the kind of figure that is so singular, so startlingly unlike anyone else in public life, that the act of explaining their quirks for the first time makes them appear suddenly alien and odd. I don’t even know …

New Queen Documentary Promises Long Lost Treasure

Queen fans, there’s a new BBC documentary on the band coming your way very soon, to mark their 40th anniversary as a going concern. It’s called Queen: Days Of Our Lives and it’s going to be on BBC2 this weekend.

Sacha Baron Cohen ‘Pushed’ Queen Into Freddie Biopic

If I’m honest, I never thought Queen were the choosiest of bands with regard to how their legacy is maintained. There’s the stage musical We Will Rock You for example, or the collaboration with the pop group Five on the song …

Brian May Will Appear on the New Lady Gaga Album

Brian May, formerly of Queen, is a ferociously talented guitarist. But for all that he invented and sustained a phenomenal level of creativity in the use of the electric guitar, with his multi-layering of harmonies and general melodic …

Anglo For Your Ear: Queen’s “Who Wants To Live Forever?”

Let’s start 2008 in dramatic fashion. Freddie Mercury and Brian May, no strangers to bombast, really outdid themselves with this 1986 track from the Highlander soundtrack.