Boy George

Brits with Birthdays: One Direction’s Liam Payne Nearing Adulthood, and More

Liam Payne, one of the five cuties making up One Direction, the phenomenally popular Anglo-Irish boy band, celebrates his 20th birthday this Thurs., Aug. 29.

’80s Music Week: Five Great British Gender-Bending Pop Stars

Although the glam-rock campery of the early ’70s had already started asking serious questions about dress codes and gender roles of men and women in showbiz, it was usually fairly easy to spot which was which, with the possible …

News Roundup: ‘Harry Potter’ Rules Teen Choice Awards and the Hollywood Paparazzi Tires of Cheryl Cole

At Sunday night’s (August 7) Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, it was the battle of the bespectacled boy wizard vs. the vampire, and to our enjoyment, it was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that came out on top over …

Five Great British Rock Memoirs

Pete Townshend’s autobiography, which has been on the way for something like 20 years, is due in the fall, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to be amazing. He’s clearly been there and done that, and he can spin a …

You’re No Longer a Boy, George: Ex-Culture Club Frontman is 50

For us self-centered ’80s babies who gauge our proximity to old age by the number of grey hairs on our childhood heroes, here’s a doozy. Boy George is 50 today.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (March 23): Elizabeth Taylor

Several topics related to the actress Elizabeth Taylor were trending today in the UK, as they were in the U.S.

Boy George: ‘I Would be Great’ for UK ‘X Factor’

As we already know, there’s been lots of changes happening in the X Factor world. Will Cheryl Cole travel stateside to join Simon Cowell for its U.S.

Music Roundup: The Boy Least Likely To Gets Into the Holiday Spirit

As the holiday season officially starts in, the music release schedule stays somewhat quiet this week. But let us share in the merriment a bit early with the The Boy Least Likely To‘s festive new collection, Christmas Special, out …

Check Out Gavin & Stacey’s Mathew Horne in a Dramatic Role

Critics loved BBC’s new Boy George biopic, Worried About the Boy, which premiered last night in the UK. But the Culture Club singer himself was not as complimentary about the film on Twitter: “Verdict, beautifully shot & …

Boy George Gives His Verdict on Winehouse, Madonna, George Michael

Someone on trial for chaining an escort to a wall might want to sit this one out, but not Boy George. Our man will speak his mind.