WATCH: U2’s ‘Achtung Baby’ Film Opens Toronto Film Festival

Bono and The Edge were the big attraction last night at the opening of the Toronto Film Festival as they walked the red carpet to launch the U2 documentary From The Sky Down.

Bono Bound for Glasto as Pet Peacock Wreaks Havoc on Neighbors

Yeah, yeah Bono, we know you and U2 have some things to do at Glastonbury on Friday (June 24), but your some of your neighbors back home in Dublin surely don’t care.

Who Convinced Beyonce To Headline Glastonbury?

So, this weekend it’s the Glastonbury festival, and taking the crowning glory after the Friday night headliners U2, and the Saturday night headliners Coldplay, is Sunday night’s headliner, Beyonc. Despite being technically …

Bono Thinks U2 Fans Aren’t (Cough) ‘Groovy’ Enough

So we know that Bono from U2 has an astounding capacity to get people backs up, don’t we? Oh sure, he’s a very popular man too, and he does a lot of good work, but there’s something about the way he presents himself …

WATCH: Colin Firth, Other Stars Remember John Lennon

It’s been 40 years since The Beatles split this month, and 30 years since the death of John Lennon. Tom Brook, who was the first British journalist to report live from the scene of Lennon’s murder, has interviewed top celebs …

The Spice Girls Sell Out…In 38 Seconds

You had to be quick with your mouse if you wanted tickets to The Spice Girls‘ London reunion concert. The gig sold out in 38 seconds.