Is It 1994? Take That with Robbie Williams? Blur Reunited?

Robbie Williams says he’d be “over the moon” to come back to Take That. “I’d like to think we’d be the only band in history to get together because of artistic differences.

Blur and Oasis: Cheese Will Bring Them Together

Will a shared love of fromage end the long-running “feud” between Blur and Oasis? A source says: “Damon [Albarn] and Alex [James] have always been enthusiastic about cheese – it was the glue that held Blur …

Blur Reunion Called Off; New Order Has “No Future”; The Police Recording New Album?

Lots of band news today. OK, this sucks, and damn that Alex James for getting our hopes up, but there isn’t going to be a Blur reunion.

Pete Doherty On the Mend, Blur Finally Back Together Again?

Pete Doherty: “31 days clean and counting.”(The Sun)

Anglo For Your Ear: Blur’s “The Universal”

All this talk about Damon Albarn and monkey operas has gotten me on a Blur kick today. This video features an eyeliner-wearing Albarn in a Clockwork Orange-like scene of decadence.

Blur To Give It One Last Go – With Graham Coxon?

Britpop survives for another day: Damon Albarn had recently suggested that Blur was dead, but Alex James says the band is going to give it another shot. And better yet, Graham Coxon, who split from the band four years ago, may …