Blake Fielder-Civil

News Roundup: Jamie Bamber Lands ‘CSI: Miami’ Guest Spot and Muse’s Matt Bellamy Slams London Rioters

In the upcoming season of CSI: Miami, we’ll get to see the handsome Jamie Bamber (Battlestar: Galactica, Law & Order: UK) guest star as “Robbie, one half of a freelance storm-chasing duo who is questioned by Sgt. Tripp (Rex …

News Roundup: David Walliams Goes Bald for ‘Doctor Who’ and Some Americans Don’t Know Pip… We Mean Pippa

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: If you thought David Walliams looked scary when mimicking Pippa Middleton and Princess Beatrice, beware. He goes by the way of Mole from The Wind in the Willows in a forthcoming episode of Doctor Who.

Amy Winehouse Is an “Intolerable” Adulterer, Divorce Papers Say

Amy Winehouse and that damned loser husband of hers, Blake Fielder-Civil, have received a quickie divorce, and “it is reported that Winehouse has agreed to pay Fielder-Civil off with a 2.4 million ($3.6 million) settlement.

Amy Winehouse “Arrested” and Released

When I first saw this headline, I thought, “Oy. It’s just one thing after another with this girl.”

Amy Winehouse Threatens Audience During “Shambolic” Concert

For all of her immense talent, Amy Winehouse has become an infamously erratic performer, and her first show on her UK tour was hardly encouraging for things to come. Fans nearly booed the singer off the stage during her set in …

Can’t We Go a Day Without Winehouse In the News?

There’s more drama in the world of Amy Winehouse today, and, reliably, her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is at the center: after police raided the couple’s London home, Blake was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to fix his …

Report: Amy Winehouse’s Hubby “Threatened to Slit His Wrists”

Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil rowed at the MOBOs, and according to The Sun, Blake dramatically threatened to slit his wrists. Allegedly, the battle didn’t end there.

Amy Winehouse’s In-Laws Urge Fan Boycott Until She’s Clean and Sober

Well, Amy Winehouse‘s parents-in-law, Giles and Georgette Fielder-Civil, took to the airwaves to issue a statement about the singer’s drug addiction. Speaking on Radio Five Live, the couple urged fans to stop buying her …

Shock Photos: Amy Winehouse “Bruised and Bloodied”

Amy Winehouse‘s story is just becoming more bizarre and depressing with each passing day: photos of the singer bruised, bloodied, and covered in bandages have been released in today’s Daily Mail. Sources say the injuries …