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Billie Piper Up For Prestigious UK Theater Award; Daniel Radcliffe Snubbed

Well, Doctor Who star Billie Piper‘s fears about her first big theater role were unfounded: the Evening Standard Theatre Awards have shortlisted her as Best Actress for her performance in Christopher Hampton‘s play, Treats. ...

Doctor Who: When Will the Timelord Hit the Big Screen?

A Doctor Who movie could be possible, says BBC exec Jane Tranter. Woo-hoo! The Guardian‘s Ben Dowell says, “Well, it might be an idea to know who will be in it and writing it.

Billie Piper: Young Doctor Who Fans Shouldn’t Watch My New Movie

Billie Piper says the young’uns who watched her on Doctor Who should pass on Secret Life of a Call Girl.

Billie Piper “Blinded” By a Photographer

Billie Piper went to the hospital, fearing that a photographer’s flash bulb had made her blind. A very vicious reader at The Sun responds, “Her eyes must have been damaged years ago – let’s not forget this is ...

Heather Mills’ One-Handed Driving, Billie Piper’s Pre-Show Imbibing

Heather Mills drives one-handed, wields a camcorder, runs a red light.

Before She Was Rose Tyler, She Was Honey To The Bee

Americans only know her her as Doctor Who‘s shag-worthy companion. But before she was an A-list actress in the UK, Billie Piper had already made a name for herself as one of the late ’90s biggest pop stars.