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WATCH: Ben Whishaw Gives Us a Younger ‘Rebooted’ Q in ‘Skyfall’

Yesterday, we got our first extended look at The Hour‘s Ben Whishaw as James Bond’s gadget expert Q. It’s another in a line of clips MGM has released to build momentum to the U.S.

WATCH: ‘Skyfall’ Royal World Premiere

Director Sam Mendes’ Skyfall starring Daniel Craig premiered this evening at the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington, London, October 23. Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall even came out to take part in the ...

‘The Hour’ Star Ben Whishaw in ‘Cloud Atlas’: Watch Trailer

Twitter and the Interwebs have been abuzz today after the release of a gorgeous extended trailer for Cloud Atlas, an ambitious, visually arresting adaptation of British author David Mitchell‘s 2004 novel. The film features six ...

‘Skyfall’ Presents A New Q: Ben Whishaw

This is the actor Ben Whishaw. He is famous for appearing in such notable movies as Bright Star, I’m Not There, and Perfume, in which he took the lead role:

WATCH: How BBC America’s ‘The Hour’ Recreated 1950s Britain

As Mad Men and films like Good Night, and Good Luck showed us, the “neat and tidy” 1950s had striking parallels to the present day.

‘Luther’ Star Idris Elba to Host BBC America’s Weekly ‘Dramaville’ Hour

Idris Elba, Golden Globe-nominated star of BBC America’s Luther, will host BBC America’s new weekly dramatic programming slot, the channel announced today (May 25). Dramaville is set to launch Wednesday, August 17 at 10 pm ...

BBC America Announces New 1950s Spy Drama, ‘The Hour’

Dominic West (The Wire, The Devil’s Whore), Romola Garai (Emma, Atonement), and Ben Whishaw (Bright Star, Criminal Justice, Brideshead Revisited) are set to star in BAFTA-winning writer Abi Morgan‘s six-part espionage ...

Dominic West Joins Stylish New BBC2 Drama ‘The Hour’

Wire star Dominic West has been cast in BBC2's upcoming drama capturing a buzzing 1950s newsroom, the BBC reports.

Talking Movies: Interview with Ben Whishaw

BBC reporter and Anglophenia guest blogger Tom Brook recently sat down with young British star Ben Whishaw, who plays the poet Keats in the new Romantic drama, Bright Star, directed by Jane Campion.

Bright Star’s Abbie Cornish: “She’s As Good As Kate Winslet”

Previously, actress Abbie Cornish‘s best-known role had been the “vixen” in the Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe split. But now she’s being recognized for her acting talent – in a massive way.